H.264 8CH Network Video Recorder 1080P HD NVR ONVIF P2P Cloud HDMI VGA USB

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  • Support 2ch playback
  • 8CH NVR with H.264 High efficiency Video Compression
  • Support 2ch playback
  • Support P2P functions
  • Playback quality:720P / 1080P

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1. 8CH NVR with H.264 High efficiency Video Compression
2. Support 2ch playback
3. With unique time screen in front of the panel, and displays recorder.
4. Support iPhone,Android smart phone for remote monitoring
5. Support 1*HDD( 3TB), with 2*USB2.0 for backup, burning, upgrading operation
6. Stronger network service. support IE browse and CMS software
7. Build-in,, and free DDNS dynamic domain name
8. Built-in own free DDNS Domain Name Server
9. With HDMI, Support 1080P high-definition (1920 * 1080P)
10. With ONVIF protocol, can connect the ONVIF IP camera directly, also can by IE and CMS.
11. Support P2P functions

1.Operating System:Embedded LINUX Operating System
2.System resources:simultaneously multi-channel recording, multi-channel auxiliary stream, multi-channel playback, multi-channel network operation, USB backup

Operator Interface:
1.Interface:16-bit true color user interface graphical menu interface, support mouse, remote control and key operation
2.Picture display:1/4/8 Picture

1.Standard:PAL (625 lines, 50 fields / s); NTSC (525 lines, 60 fields / s)
Image encoding H.264 (High Profile)
2.Monitor the quality of the monitor: D1; VGA: HD; HDMI: HD
3.Playback quality:720P / 1080P
4.Encoding capabilities:8 * 1080P access memory
6.Motion detection:support(note:only support when your camera has motion detection function and accord with protocol,or it need to test to confirm whether it is support)

Record and playback:
1.Recording mode:Manual Recording> Alarm> Motion Detection> Schedule
2.Local playback:2-channel playback
3.Video Search:time search, calendar search, event search, channel retrieval

Storage and backup:
1.Videos take up hard disk space:video CIF: 4 ~ 5G / day * channel,D1: 8 ~ 10G / day * channel,960H 12 ~ 20G / day * channel,720P 24 ~ 30 G / day * channel, 1080P 40G ~ / day * through audio 691.2M / day * channel
2.Video save:local hard disk, network
3.Backup method:network backup, U disk, USB mobile hard disk

1.Video Input:None
2.Video output :1 VGA, 1 HDMI
3.Audio input:1 channel RCA
4.Audio output:1 channel RCA
5.Network Interface:1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port
6.USB interface:two USB
7.Hard disk interface:1 SATA interface (each maximum support 4T)

Other Power 12V / 2.5A
Size:260mm (length) * 210mm (width) * 40mm (height)



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